Thanh Thuy – The Surreal Singing of the 60s


tt the surreal singing of the 60s





Thanh Thuy, one of the leading singers of the 60s in southern Vietnam. Singing with her deep and husky voice, the daughter of Hue, also known as the “Surreal Singing” , has captivated the hearts and souls of music lovers.

Using the Bolero music, which is sad and deep, was suited for the emotions in wartime, Thanh Thuy deeply caputured the feelings and the thoughts of the people in South Vietnam during the time of war. She is best known for her performances: Hai Lối Mộng (Two Way Dream), Ai Cho Tôi Tình Yêu (Who give me love), Chiều Cuối tuần (Weekend afternoon), Buồn Trong Kỷ Niệm (The sad anniversary), Bóng Nhỏ Đường Chiều (Small shadow on the afternoon street), Tàu Đêm Năm Cũ (The old night train), Chuyến đi về sáng (A trip to dawn)… Singing the songs of the famous composer Truc Phuong, Thanh Thuy defines the music in every house in Vietnam, regardless of the prohibitions of the new regime.

Thanh Thuy’s vocal is deep, sad, and her appearance: slender, always polite, charming with her hair on the shoulder wearing the Ao Dai, the Vietnamese traditional dress. Although every singer who performs must wear Ao Dai, Thanh Thuy always captured the most attention of them all.
The simple remixes that Thanh Thuy sang in the saloons in Saigon became immortal because of the realistic and the soul in every song. Even though Thanh Thuy sang the songs again overseas with modern recording technology but they are not live singing. Furthermore, after the incident in 1975, Thanh Thuy lived exile in the United States.

Please enjoy the immortal songs of Thanh Thuy through the original recordings in Saigon for more than 40 years ago.






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